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Elong’o Publishers is a niche reference book publisher dedicated to producing world class products, marketing products information and other material relevant to both domestic and international industry. The company also publishes magazine products both news and lifestyle magazines, and guides.

It was started in 2017 by Michael Kintalel, a motivational speaker and general Non-fictional writer who is well known for his bestselling tittle I am a warrior. it has been owned and managed by him ever since.

It uses independent representatives to sell advertising space around its listing in print products like regional directories, and these representatives also sell internet related products to manufacturers, distributors, and other companies.

Beside publishing books, magazines, newspapers and digital content, it also set the editorial and commercial direction for other companies.

Our Vision
To be the most admirable Kenyan-based media company of innovative services and solutions which builds on our core strengths in print, publishing, distribution and retail.

Our Mission
Our mission is to foster a universal passion for reading by partnering with authors and writers to help create and communicate ideas and stories that inform, entertain, inspire the world alongside connect them with readers everywhere.

Core Values
Hard work
Respect and value people
Open communication
Client Satisfactions

Customer Prioritization
Our publishing company ensures that there is effective communication and support 24/7 and is always ready to answer any question from its clients.
In its ways to fulfil the desire of its clients, it provide the following:
1. Instant answer to any inquiry made by customers
2. Handle all manuscripts with care
3. Guarantee safety and privacy of all work.
4. Fast delivery of products
5. Receive customer’s feedback

Why Elong’o publishers
1. We give immediate feedback to our clients
2. Professional consultation
3. Privacy and security of work
4. Availability of respond 24/7
5. Exposure and visibility
6. Quality
7. Competence rate

Our management strategy
1. Encourage creativity
2. Set high standard
3. Encourage exposure and networking
4. Encourage team building, regular meetings to discuss the progress and appreciate the effort
5. Work hand in hand with our clients to help them achieve their goals

Quality Assurance
Elong’o Publishers, extend its quality management and bring in the idea of quality assurance.

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