Shaping your Destiny

To make it right, pain and suffering is the key to all doors, without them, there is no way of life. Pain is temporary. Pain and suffering is part of human life as much as people…


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Stephen Partore

Stephen Partore

Stephen Partore was born on 5th August 1994, and raised in Magadi town, a small town in the far end of maasai land of Kenya at Kajiado County. He went to Eroret Primary School, where after his satisfactory completion joined Olkejuado Boy’s High School. Therefore, Partore enrolled at Maasai Technical Training Institute to pursue a Diploma in Supply Chain Management. In the institution, Stephen Served as the chairman in the guidance and counselling department. He is a motivational writer who has managed to touch many young souls in his books and messages. He believes in making a change in people’s lives, to hope and lives for a better tomorrow.

A target reminds you of what you want to achieve and the strategies to achieve it. In our studies we make targets and of course achievable targets for that matter. On the other hand a target…


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