Education without cultural strings becomes a loosely hanging repository commodity. This is because culture forms the content in the education.

Therefore it’s imperative to promote culture in the education system.  Notably, the aims and ideals of the education are positively influenced by the values of the contemporary society.  Art being an incentive for any   educational programme, has wired the values important from the society deep to the education system.

Culture has immensely and positively influenced education in the following ways. In the preparation of the curriculum, the society via culture dictates the transformations to be considered for what is to be consumed. Whatever is to be fed to the learners must be coupled up with what the culture provides.

Culture in this context conditions all educational activities and programmes. Culture is a live stream of what the society offers in the making of an educational entity. It influences what comes closer to the circle of education consumption.

In writing of books, the authors must align themselves to the societal belief system. These belief system makes a shift at the peripheral shoves on the positive side of the education in a country. Such shifts are incredibly important in the transmission of cultural ideals and values within a generational gap. Gradually, such shifts generates into a magnificent education sector that is culturally cautious about the values that forms a nation. Some of these shifts include; spoken word, poetry, short story and tale tell narratives.

It’s said   A dead man do not tell a tale in the current society the methods of teaching are culturally connected to what the society believes in. These methods of content delivery exert greater influence on what inclinations and aptitude of the learners are. What the learners subscribe into passionately acquired from their culture, shapes the methods of teaching. A society that is non-conformist to promiscuity cannot be compliant to what a liberally society sees as right. This includes the songs composed, kind of books read or articles written. Collectively and as a bold assertion culture and unanimously art, has negative effects on education. Hellbent to it’s penetration to the society through various modes, art becomes ineffective to the growing populace. Some of the artistic content presented to lads be it at home or in some institutions ends up becoming their way of life at the expense of educational goals.

Take for instance some soft and sappy folklore which are meant to keep children or in our context learners happy, they may lack educational gist.

Sagaciously, promiscuity in what is pumped into the market in the name of Art has plaqued our moral system. It has left us as morally-aliens. Thanks to some institutions that regulate what is deciphered to be a true reflection of our society but which solely contravenes the values therein.

Players in the artistic field sometimes exaggerate the content for popularity. Well, it’s someone’s discretion to present a piece of art spiced up with more glare but the audience at the receiving end should form the bulk of judgement to the final product.

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