[pmpro_advanced_levels layout=”compare_table” compare=”Beyond Shaterred Dreams,1,1,1;Discovering the New World in Poetry,0,0,1;Sounds fron the Dark,1,0,1;Reflections,1,1,1;Bleaks of a Scarred Star,1,1,1;Waves and Putrid,1,1,1;Whispers of Virgin Dreams,1,1,1;Game of Witches,1,1,1;Identify your Purpose,1,1,1;The Dawn of New Life,1,1,1;Shaping your Destiny,1,1,1;The Secret Book,1,1,1;Life after Fall,1,1,1;The Lost and Found,1,1,1; Perfect Timing,1,1,1;From the African Left Hand Ink,1,1,1;The Universe in One Page,1,1,1;Fretting Woes and Afflictions,1,1,1;Echoes from the Mirror,1,1,1;When Darkness Falls,1,1,1;I am a Warrior,1,1,1;Spurious Ways,1,1,1;Strange Tides,1,1,1″]

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