Wisdom For Relationships

Wisdom For Relationships is a masterpiece expressing practical solutions to relationship challenges in this generation. This is a must read to anyone who cares and every young person who want a safe transition from single-hood into marriage. My highlight after going through this piece is ” Physical beauty is not everything; You can marry a beautiful trouble. ”God’s purpose and plan could not have been fulfilled without a family in place. It was His idea to create Adam and Eve and gave them dominion over all creation. God gave them all that they needed. Then God blessed them so that the enjoyment of marriage could be situated on the right platform. A good marriage comes from God. Properly constituted marriage attracts divine blessings that goes on to the future generations. So nobody should rush into marriage without proper preparation. When marriage is built the right way, it gives a deep fulfilment in life and the kingdom of God which is joy, peace and righteousness becomes a reality in their marriage. This book ‘WISDOM FOR RELATIONSHIP‘ will give you a clear guide on how to prepare a meaningful relationship that will lead to marriage and the red alerts that you need to watch out for. May the wisdom shared in this book guide you to lay a firm foundation for a union that God the author of this institution will establish.

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