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Writers' Festivals

Elong’o Writers’ Festival revolves around talent nurturing through storytelling and is created for the enthusiastic and curious. It aims at bringing people from all walks of life to come together, and share their passions. While most people think that writers’ festival is all about books, we must say that there is so much more than just a gathering of hardcore book lovers. Writers’ festivals bring together people who share common passions and who have ideas to discuss about them. You don’t have to be an author or even someone who reads a lot to attend a writers’ festival.

Writers' Academy

Elong’o Publishers, extend its quality management and bring in the idea of Writers’ Academy. This Academy was started in the year 2019 as a way of mentoring writers. With four sessions; all done via online, our writers get a good opportunity to grab simple but very important information that help them to improve or rather to qualify their content.
At the end of the four sessions, a writer will be in a position to know: new publishing secrets that give the most control, profit, and support also learn the 21st Century way of Publishing.

EWF Awards

Our Mission is to foster a universal passion for reading by partnering with authors and writers to help create and communicate ideas and stories that inform, entertain, inspire the world alongside connect them with readers everywhere. Our Vision is to revolutionize the way authors and readers interact, we strive to create an environment that celebrates authors and their works, we also aim to empower readers to become active participants in the process, by giving them the opportunity to provide feedback and recognition for the authors they love. This where we introduced EWF Awards. 

Welcome to our bookstore

Welcome to our online bookstore! Here you will find an incredible selection of the latest and greatest books from all around the world. With our wide selection, you can explore different genres, cultures, and authors. We also offer unbeatable prices and free shipping on orders over KShs 2,000. So come explore our library and find the perfect book for you today!