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We publish scholarly and education books, books for general reading ranging from story books, novellas and novels, poetry, self-development and spiritual books, vernacular-language books, books with local or regional topics and also help in vanity and contract presses print books under special contract; this involve helping self-publishers publish their books. It also helps in publishing electronic books.

Suggestions for new publishing projects and submission of manuscripts by experienced as well as upcoming authors and editorial issues are always directed to the Publishing Manager, where by the submission of manuscripts is done via email.

Write an email to the Publishing Manager and inform him on your intention to submit your manuscript before submitting it, he will advise on a better way to submit.


1. Copy writing
With the help of our proffesionals, we write proffesional copy writes for all products and publish them on our blog page every day and on other sites with potential customers.

2. Press printing
we are experts and we ensure high quality prints for all your printing needs ranging from small to large prints.

3. Magazines and directories publishing
News magazines, lifestyle and comic magazines are part of our work. We have regional directories too that work as our marketing tool to help companies reach their potential clients. We also publish magazines, company profiles, fliers, brochures, annual/monthly reports, Research documentations and blogs/websites for individuals and business.

Quality Assurance
Elong’o Publishers, extend its quality management and bring in the idea of quality assurance. These quality assurance systems are designed with customer’s satisfaction in the mind of the management team and hence lead to higher levels of customer satisfaction. In attaining these, Elong’o Publishers ensures that;

  1. Critical success factors for every work are identified.
  2. Client’s goal (individual authors or companies) are identified.
  3. Internal and external customers for our clients are identified.
  4. Customer feedback are encouraged and follow up made.
  5. There is implementation of continuous improvement.
  6. Quality management software are selected and used.
  7. Results at every stage are measured.

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