A Walk before Darkness

"A Walk Before Darkness" is a collection of sweet poems by talented writers within Kaimosi complex. This is an Anthology for those in love, the lovers of nature, the lovers of politics, the broken, the loners and even the religious few. It is a collection that will surely bring anyone's lost smile back to life.   [pdf-embedder url="https://elongopublishers.co.ke/wp-content/uploads/2022/08/A-Walk-Before-Darkness-final-copy.pdf" title="A Walk Before Darkness final copy"]

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Bohari la Ushairi

Bohari la ushairi ni mojawapo ya diwani ya ushairi ambayo imesukwa na watunzi mashuhuri wenye tajriba komavu. Ni diwani yenye upekee wa aina yake ambayo imedadavua utanzu wa ushairi kwa kina ili kuwafaa wasomaji na hadhira lengwa. Istilahi muhimu za kishairi zimechambuliwa kwa upevu mno. Bahari zote za mashairi zimechambuliwa huku mifano anuwai ikiangaziwa. Imejumuisha watunzi shupavu kutoka taifa la Kenya na Tanzania. Waandalizi: Duke Nyakundi, Mildred Musimbi, Francisca Wambua, Robert Nyakundi na Meshack Wilson Mgoja ni magwiji waliobobea kwenye ushairi. Wamefanikisha tanzu nyinginezo za fasihi kama vile hadithi fupi, riwaya na tamthilia. Diwani hii imehaririwa kwa ustadi na wahariri...

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Why Giraffe has a long neck and other stories

People and wild animals have lived alongside each other for centuries. Animals occupied a special place in the cultures and traditions of the people. This relationship was retold in most African folk tales. The stories in this collection are inspired by such oral stories which were passed down from one generation to another. They are written in the style of the oral narratives but are based on the author’s imaginative accounts. The reader is thrust into a world of greedy hyenas, jealous giraffes and vengeful cheetahs. Their conflicts and daily struggles mirror a life not different from the reader’s own....

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Another Chance

It's a big tragedy not utilizing our second chance in life. We all have opportunities but some time they die unattended. This should not kill our burning desire since we have a second chance to sprout. Gods plan is for us to utilize our potential, understand our inner selves and be in pursuit of success. Make use  of the chances we have wasted despite the circumstances. Another chance seeks to improve our desire to achieve despite the pandemic, failure and unhealthy lifestyle we have been through. How you can start it again and make it to the finish line ready...

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Daughter of Ramogi

Daughter Of Ramogi is a cultural poetry anthology that embraces and appreciates cultural diversity to enhance cohesion. It is a gripping account of two lovers, Osoro and Akelo, who are notorious only with enthusiasm for marriage. Their love affair is torn between their interests and strict Luo and Gusii traditions. A thrilling anthology that digs back to the roots and echoes it to the present. [pdf-embedder url="https://elongopublishers.co.ke/wp-content/uploads/2022/08/DAUGHTER-OF-RAMOGI-edited.pdf" title="DAUGHTER OF RAMOGI edited"]

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The Dark Moon

The Dark Moon is a true definition of what necessary evil is. Dell is visited by so much evil which is necessary for the text's development. She is faced with a lot of adversities, some of which she maneuvers through by the help of other characters, Jay being the greatest of them all. The novel addresses major thematic concerns including love, poor governance, education, tradition and maxism among many others. The Dark Moon highlights an important aspect of colour. The text weighs the black and white people on the same scale and looks at them as equals, just as it...

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Dear Ex

DEAR EX, a riveting love story that unfolds the truth about the dating scene of the 21st century woman. REJECTED, an emotional read that will capture your attention through to the end, it explains the absurdity and meaninglessness of life for the narrator. THE CRY OF KAFRIA, set in the precolonial time, talks of young Africa in detail. Traverse Through Nairobi, is an exciting read that is very relatable to everyone who has experienced life in the city. It is a call to remind everyone that the city is not merely a place for fun but largely a place of...

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