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Lifeskills Matter

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  • Edition: 1st
  • Language: English
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At times, what we think are set-backs are God’s set-ups in handling the challenges facing adolescents. But if situation is overwhelming and you are feeling drained, remember that;

 At your lowest, God is your hope.

At your darkest, God is your light.

At your weakest, God is your strength.

At your saddest, God is your comforter.

     Born and brought up in my rural village of Gatumbi in murang’a, Evans Mwangi, a mentor/coach in life skills and professional counselling practice, went through a normal humble  life, just like my fellow siblings and many peers of my days. During my early youth life was a turn around event after completing school life. Fortunately, the outside world work was welcoming for my first encounter career in community work that positively shaped my destiny and changed the course of my life all over together in my service to humanity. Got involved  more with programs addressing the needs of children and adolescents/youth  with  Christians based and non-governmental organizations.

Adolescence growth and development  is a delicate period for adolescents. A lot of care and balancing is much needed for them to come out mature and responsible adults. Crises and confusion that blind them in puberty  requires successful handling process.

As a parent or guardian, it’s important to ask yourself the following: What’s my adolescent/teens child’s responsibility here? What’s mine?”  If your adolescent/teen child isn’t getting his work done, your job as a parent is to hold him accountable and teach him how the real world works.

This book addresses the 10 A”s”, to guide both adolescents and parents/guardians to focus resolves adolescents crises,their needs and  have the walk their talk together journey  in assisting them undergoes a smooth period and come out of it in a win win situations.



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