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When Darkness Fall

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  • Edition: 1st
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Elong'o Publisher
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Ages ago a demon hunter defeated a demon so powerful, so invincible; no one dared speak its name. He locked it up in unbreakable dimension. He had trapped it, or so he thought. Now it’s back to claim its revenge. Don’t step into the dark or he will …get you…

Dale turned his head towards the television listening keenly. Soon his daughter knew that the game was not going on as expected and came out of hiding shouting cheerfully. “I win. I win, I win daddy and you loose,” “I guess I do honey,” he responded chuckling while still looking at the T.V.

“What’s wrong daddy?” she asked curiously. “Nothing honey, never mind, now go pick your books, put them in your bag and let’s get you on that school bus,” he answered with a comically booming voice.

He got Melisa on the bus and then went to work; he had gotten an office sob after giving up the army.



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