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Rise Above

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  • Author: Saitoti Ole Salaon
  • Edition: 1st
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Elong'o Publisher
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The dreams you cherish will not become true through charity, magic, luck, miracles, or witchcraft. They will actualize from numbing hard work. When you create a culture of doing a little more than enough, you will hoist yourself in a different plane from the multitudes who only do enough. There is no traffic in the extra mile, and that is where hard work takes you.

The surest way to transform your life is through hard work. Hard work becomes your trademark when you have undivided devotion to your goals. You become obsessed with building your future and improve yourself. Success is not a mystery; it is an open book. It is hardest working farmer has the best crops, and the hardest working entrepreneur will thrive in his trade.



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